Faye Burdett death from meningitis prompts huge public response

February 22, 2016

Claire and Mark Timmins release picture of their son dying from meningitis A man who set up a petition for all children to have the meningitis B vaccine has said he is overwhelmed by the response after more than 640,000 people signed it. Lee Booth started a petition after one his daughters was deemed too old for the vaccine.


Man seriously injured in Glasgow gang attack

A man has suffered a serious eye injury after being attacked by a gang in the south side of Glasgow. Police said four or five men were involved in the attack which happened in the Queen's Park area at about 13:30 on Sunday. The 23-year-old man was 

February 9, 2016

Shocking video published of cyclist hit and run in Nottingham

Video shows hit-and-run Nottingham driver ram into a cyclist and leaves him unconscious Police say they have been unable to prosecute a driver who ran into a cyclist despite video evidence seen by thousands of people. A YouTube video, taken at the BBC Island near London Road shows a 4×4 accelerating into the back of a cyclist who recorded 

February 3, 2016